Perfume is as old as mankind itself. In former times people burned exotic woods and resins in order to communicate with their gods and to put them in a merciful mood. Nowadays we indulge in scents, we dream away with scents, we wear scents to underline our personality, and we wish to stand out from the crowd. However, this is hard to achieve. How can one bring out her or his unique personality by using a perfume that everyone can buy? Impossible.

The only answer to this question is: a personal scent, tailor-made to your personality.

Frank M.A. Rittler can make your dreams come true. He is a perfumer, a ‘nose’. More than 25 years he gained experience in the fragrance business, traveled the world and visited more than 50 countries in search of new, precious, odorous and exotic essences. He lived in Asia and South America for many years.

„The most important thing is to use high-quality raw materials. You will obtain the most exclusive fragrance by using essences which are not available on the mass-market, those which are produced only in smallest quantities. For instance the essence of the Blue Lotus”, Rittler says.